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The File & ServeXpress Dashboard just got a whole lot better looking and much more convenient. And now includes CASE NAME search from the Quick Start menu. Check out our new facelift , fully re-designed to help reduce clicks and speed up your time to file. Available to users on newer browsers such as IE 11, Chrome 34 and Firefox 28.

Not ready yet? That's ok too. Use what works best for you. You are free to make the transition to the certified browsers at your own pace. To ensure that your workflow remains continuous, the existing version of File & ServeXpress, which runs on earlier browser versions, will remain available.

Please note, due to performance issues we have removed the home page item counts. Now if you have unread items in your Mailbox, Alerts or Message Boards the title of that section will be bold.

File & ServeXpress Client Support is available to assist you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone at 888-529-7587 or by email at